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I had just graduated high school in 2008 when I came up with this idea 

to make my own sock innovation. Flats were always my go to shoes all

the time, I just didn't like wearing the other socks made for flats, they either hurt my feet or showed and just didn't look good and not wearing socks with flats was definitely not a option because all the sweat would create a bad smell, so

I decided to sew up my own pair of socks using some nylons that I had lying around (this was the closest thing to transparent that I owned) I then cut out the soles of a pair of cotton socks and then sewed them together, and voila Nylocks were born hence both of these words put together nylon and socks. I am also a  you tuber from the #crochet #maker community subscribe to my channel on YouTube: Vivalacrochet

for great crochet tutorials.

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